The Startup Bakery
Beertrepreneurs - Startup Geeks

(There's more than 4 of us. Like, 7 at least)
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... And some others that didn't make themselves as easy to google based on just information shared at a bar. Classic you mistake guys, that's like startup todo number one.

Join one of our beetrepreneur meetups and tell us about your projects if you'd like to be on here!


The Startup Bakery is a group of friendly people from in and around Ghent that are working on projects and startups, love exchanging ideas about them, and meet up irregularly to do just that over a couple of nice Belgian beers.

We arrange meetups and exchange ideas and other content through the The Startup Bakery Facebook group

There are no rules whatsoever, but for some reason these have been constants so far:

  • We always seem to meet in Manteca.
  • We always seem to drink mostly Augustijn.
  • We always seem to meet on Thursdays.
  • 'beertrepreneurs' and 'The Startup Bakery' are interchangable.
  • There's always that one guy present that doesn't speak any Dutch beyond 'Augustijn', so we speak English all night.

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(Seriously, if you read this far without Joining us something's wrong. Unless you're a journalist of course!)